Woodhull Hospital, a Place for Innovation.

Artist Access. Kids’ Ride Club. Creative Arts Therapy. The Time Out Project.

These are all projects that began at Woodhull Hospital. Woodhull is a place for innovation-like the Artist Access program, where you can trade art for healthcare dollars. This was the brainchild of Edward Fishkin MD, Woodhull’s Medical Director.

Here is a picture of artist Keith Haring painting the lobby of Woodhull Hospital, as a result of Artist Access.
Keith Haring Paints Woodhull Hospital Lobby
Another project of Ed’s: The Kids’ Ride Club.

Therapist-filmmaker Jon Ehinger, a creative arts therapist at Woodhull, who is passionate about the surrounding Brooklyn community we serve (a meeting of 4 major neighborhoods: Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint) is doing innovative therapy using film. He is helping us with training videos for the Time Out project. 

Ed Fishkin & I met cycling, thus the Time Out Project was born. After I did an informational interview with him, looking to use my education research background for healthcare, he told me about Time Out.

We developed a research study proposal that was further developed at the 2010 AMSA Patient Safety & Quality Leadership Institute with David Nash of Jefferson School of Population Health. He thought it was a crazy idea. But 2 weeks later, we launched it at Woodhull. And here we are, still going strong almost three years later. In 2012, we received a training grant from Cardinal Health and IHI.

The Time Out Project’s first training video was developed in 2012 at Woodhull Hospital with Ed Fishkin, myself, Saida Karimova & Jon Ehinger.

And, there’s more to come.

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