Interview with surgeon Dr. Farrokh Farrokhi about Time Out – 2012 IHI National Forum

Dr. Farrokh Farrokhi of Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle explains why he, a neurosurgeon, finds Time Out — or pre-surgical safety checklists designed to check correct patient, procedure, side, etc. — very useful. He is being interviewed by myself, Minda Aguhob, MEd, in front of my poster on the Time Out project at the 2012 Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum.

We discussed the value of “Time Out” pre-procedure safety checklists, as a way for the surgeon to effectively manage the surgical team in the OR. We even talk about it as a practice that develops empathy and soothing of strong emotions – characteristics associated with great doctors.

Dr. Farrokhi and myself met while presenting posters at the 2012 IHI National Forum storyboard session. Hisand Dr. Allison Porter’s poster discusses adaptation of safety checklists to local culture in the OR, and my poster with Drs. Edward Fishkin and Saida Karimova presented baseline Time Out performance data in the OR, ICU, GI Clinic and ER. We will test training techniques at Woodhull this year, such as “on-the-spot” training videos, or simulations, in the OR and medicine floors to learn what helps improve Time Out more effectively.

The Time Out Project’s Dec 2012 IHI Poster was set up under the “Innovate” section at the IHI National Forum 2012 poster session: IHI Storyboards (requires login)



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