Implementation of Time Out, more fully discussed.

Atul Gawande recently (3.15.14) discussed Time Out and implementation.

The point of the Time Out Project is to provide potential solutions to implement Time Out powerfully and effectively.

Quote from Gawande article:

“My suspicion is that a government mandate without a serious effort to change the culture and practice of surgical teams results in limited change and weak, if any, reduction in mortality.

But it’s hard to know from the Ontario study. Without measuring actual compliance with using the checklist, it’s like running a drug trial without knowing if the patients actually took the drug.

Perhaps, however, this study will prompt greater attention to a fundamentally important question for health care reform broadly: how you implement an even simple change in systems that reduces errors and mortality – like a checklist.

For there is one thing we know for sure: if you don’t use it, it doesn’t work.”


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