Time Out Project (Bye for now)

The Time Out Project has been an education on effective collaboration with physicians and hospitals.

In January 2010 I asked Ed, as a post-bacc premed, what his 5 biggest concerns were; then offered my research expertise, sparking the Time Out Project. After tonight’s discussion, I ask: How can technologists better collaborate with doctors in hospitals, where the cutting edge REALLY is?

Now I know what that looks like!

Ed told me the Housestaff Safety Council is now citywide. I’m so proud. The Housestaff Safety Council was sparked at Woodhull, back in 2010 when I recommended a Housestaff safety council be established and introduced Ed and his team to Peter Fleischut, who created it at New York Presbyterian (I met him at AMSA). Ed and his team all ran with this- with Woodhull residents and CIR fanning the flames. Now it’s citywide.

Thank you Ed for your mentorship, and for this experience. Your widespread impact, the respect and trust people have in you, brains and medical + mechanical genius with bikes, cars, watches, and most of all, an ability to explain complex things concisely, yet precisely, has me in awe that I get to know you and be your friend, too.

Thanks for your patience, for sharing your wisdom, for being constant in this often thankless but rewarding role of an effective leader. I aim to have the kind of impact and commitment you have – which means I am keeping in touch!

Much love.

Minda Aguhob
Program Director
Woodhull Hospital Time Out Project

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